A Family Services and Economic Development Institute

Our overarching objective is to assist the family in creating a future for itself. We achieve this by identifying the resources necessary to create a social and economic safety net.  This is accomplished by partnering with local and




statewide social service and economic development organizations.  WFI also offers to families referral assistance. Services we provide include parenting workshop, tutoring, and a host of positive and secure recreational activities.

Warren Family Institute believes that to properly provide for the long term security and stability of the family you must provide safe and affordable housing.  Ephraim Place Sub Division, sponsored by WFI is our response to this, the most

pressing need that our service population faces.  Ephraim Place Sub Division is a collection of 19 lots of affordable homes located in Warren County.This housing component of Warren Family Institute is now accepting applications.


We invite all residents of Warren County to take advantage of the services that we offer

WFI was founded on the principles of family support.

Warren Family Institute employs strength-based, family empowerment approaches in all of our programs. Warren Family Institute is governed by a board of directors that includes significant commuinty representation. Do you have questions?

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Dedicated to Serving the Social, Cultural
 and Economic Needs Of Warren County

The Warren Family Institute was formed in 1994 to respond to the vital needs of families in   Warren County North Carolina. Like so many areas throughout the United States, the needs of families in struggling  economies far outstrips the capacity of the local  support agencies to service the extraordinary need. The Warren Family Institute was founded to assist in identifying and coordinating the resources available to families and individuals in need.

Ephraim Place Sub Division

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Should this happen to you, don’t go it alone, reach out to Warren Family Institute.


We can assist you in stabilizing yourself and your family by showing you how to manage your financial shortfalls.  This is achieved by assisting our clients in identifying county, regional and state wide resources in addition to our extensive network of partnering organizations.

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 course of our lives in emotional and or financial upheaval.  

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The Mission of the Warren Family Institute is to create an environment where Individuals and community groups work together to build the family unit.  

Many of us find ourselves in the

WFI Creates Futures For Families
Our Mission:
To Build The Family Unit

The Warren Family Institute has worked since 1994 to provide living wage jobs, safe, decent affordable housing, learning systems that educate our citizens, and cultural and recreational resources that enrich the Warren County Community.  We seek to assist the families of  Warren County to secure the economic, cultural, educational, recreational, and emotional tools to make them self sufficient.   


The Warren Family Institute is actively seeking organizations and

individuals who can aid us in meeting the needs of our patrons and in building an economic foundation for our community.