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Margaret A. Hargrove

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Margaret A. Hargrove Family Centered Community Based Family Resource Center provides economic development services and is a division of the Warren Family Institute Inc.

Developed by Warren Family  Institute, Financed by North Carolina Department of Commerce & USDA Rural Development

A central goal of the Warren Family Institute is to address one of the most critical economic concerns in the Warren County Community and that is the need for affordable housing.  The Margaret A. Hargrove division of WFI has taken up this challenge by creating Ephraim Place.

Ephraim Place is a 19 lot subdivision of what will be comprised of affordable 3 bedroom houses located in the Soul City area of Warren County.  This is a landmark development by the Warren Family Institute. Ephraim Place will have 19 new affordable homes for moderate to low income families and is emblematic of WFI spearheading the effort to revitalize the Warren County housing stock.

This new sub-division called Ephraim Place, is easily one of the most ambitious efforts to create affordable housing by a community organization in Warren County in resent memory.  It is our hope to make it the first of many undertakings to secure our community by creating economic development opportunities.   
Ephraim Place Subdivision 
~19 Lots~Single Family
Affordable Homes with 
3 spacious bedrooms 
	  in Manson, NC Call for your application today

Your are invited to attend special classes to help potential home buyers prepare for home ownership


These informative classes helps potential home buyers identify any issues that may prevent or delay the acquisition of a home.


During these sessions we assist participants in identifying issues related to  credit worthiness.


Our Home Buyer’s Counselling classes also assist the participants in creating critical household budgeting skills that creates a foundation for long term financial stability.

Recently built road to Ephraim Place Subdivision

The Margaret A. Hargrove Family Resource Center‘s“ Money Club” is an innovative  skill building program for youth


This after school program is called the Money Club and is designed for middle and high school students. The objective of this curriculum is to teach economic literacy to the youth. The Money Club trains  the youth of Warren County in bookkeeping, accounting, income tax preparation, and stock portfolio management. This program is intended to build skills that will be transferred to their families and the rest of the community


The successful students upon completion of the course, will have the skill set that will assist her or him in financially managing a successful household budget, investing for profit and preparing their own income tax returns.

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Bessie Shearin, Office Manager and Lori Parrott, Family Support Specialist, holding one of its youngest clients

Margaret A. Hargrove  Family Resource Center provides services to support the family unit. We often act as the intervening agent to assist  families in staying together.


Sometimes our intervention takes the form of counselling, in others, it may be assisting our clients in identifying affordable housing. There are additional cases where the family's most pressing need is to locate positive, engaging and well supervised activities for children to get involved in.  

Total Family Support

Crinkley Street

Transitional Village

Crinkle Street Houses is rental property developed, and managed by Warren Family Institute for families, experiencing difficulty finding permanent housing.


 Crinkle Street Houses provides safe and affordable accommodations for low income families.  


Please call us to receive information regarding qualifications.


This division of WFI is designed to create a base of economic support for the residents of Warren County. It is was also developed to address the fundamental need that our community has for safe affordable housing,  job training and employment.  This is a growing and dynamic division of the Warren Family Institute and in the future we hope to provide even more families with this assistance.

Cathy Alston-Kearney, Director and Nathan Hawes, Board Chairman of WFI at the ground breaking ceremony for Ephraim Place Subdivision

Our objective is to provide the tools and resources required to address the economic needs of Warren County.

 Our services are designed to create economic opportunities and options for individuals and families who are seeking to develop a better life for themselves. There are several components of the Community-Based Economic Services.  Each component addresses a critical need in our community.  We invite you to take advantage of these services