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What is Smart Start?

Smart Start is a statewide initiative designed to ensure that every young child in North Carolina will arrive at school healthy and prepared for success.


Smart Start is at work in every county in North Carolina through the work of partnerships. The North Carolina Partnership for Children is headquarters for Smart Start, providing technical assistance for  county partnerships and other states interested in starting a similar program.

Halifax Warren Smart Start is a comprehensive public-private initiative that strives to assure that all children in Warren County NC enter school healthy and ready to succeed. Halifax Warren Smart Start serves children 0-5 through a variety of programs that help to provide access to high quality and affordable child care, health care and other critical services.


Smart Start was created in 1993 by Governor Jim Hunt. The program won the prestigious National Innovation in Government Award in 1998 and in 1999. The initiative is being replicated across the country.


Halifax Warren Smart Start is a non-profit organization that receives SMART START state funds through the Halifax Warren Partnership for the children. The Board of Directors, comprised of citizens of  Halifax and Warren County, makes decisions about needed services and available resources that will benefit young children and their families.



Smart Start Background

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and difficult tasks many people will ever undertake.  And as much as we might hope otherwise, babies do not come with instruction manuals. Fortunately, there are now a number of programs that support parents in developing positive parenting skills.




Parent education programs empower parents by increasing their knowledge of early childhood development and positive parenting practices.


Our Parenting Network curriculum is successful in creating family unity, and parent and child reconciliation for those who complete the course because they:

Warren Family Institute Parenting Network

Lending Library

NC Safe Kids Buckle Up

Resource and Referral

The Warren Family Institute through the sponsorship of Halifax Warren Smart Start have developed a Lending Library.  This unique Library, which is located at our Market Street headquarters serves as a world of wonderment for the participating children.  Each child participating  are allowed to borrow books that speak to their interest.  Our Library also serves as a creative and fun story time reading room, where the children with parent participation are read to in an engaging way by our experienced staff..

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Halifax Warren Smart Start participants come to us with a host of needs, some of which are outside our capacity as a center to service.  These individuals both parent and child, however, will benefit from our extensive network of partnering organizations and service agencies.    

your child’s development; differences in parenting styles; effective ways to discipline your child without violence; bonding, setting routines, and giving choices; child-proofing your home; and caring for yourself.


Issues We Explore in class:

Addtional WFI Smart Start Initiatives

seek to address many of the troubling circumstances that the parents or guardians are challenge by.

The Warren Family Institute Smart Start addresses the needs of the total child.  This includes their emotional, intellectual, and physical needs.  To do this, the Warren Family Institute Head Start also addresses these same concerns in the parents and guardians.


This total view is essential,  since the parents are the first teachers, caregivers and provide the emotional stability for the child.


The child’s best interest are served when we also  

Halifax Warren Smart Start Initiatives

Warren Halifax Smart Start participates in NC Safe Kids Buckle Up (BUK) program.  This program assist parents and other caregivers by  providing a limited number of low-cost child restraints and education on their use to qualifying families.


We Train parents on how to install and maintain child seats.  Parents can also purchase infant and booster seats for a small co-pay.  This service is made available in conjunction with Healthy Carolinians a of Warren County.

The Warren Family Institute needs your donation to continue to address the essential needs of Warren County Families.  Whatever donation is within your means will be appreciated.  All donations are tax deductible.


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